Who is the PG&E Witness

I am the person who sent a letter to PG&E Corporate on July 26, 2014 about the Hyrdrotesting Project begun after the deadly San Bruno Fire in September 2010.

Bay Area Homeless - Solutions for Problems
A few weeks later my friend and former neighbor was burned alive, then just after the Strack Family was murdered in Springville Utah.

On July 5, 2011 my son walked into the arms of Walnut Creek Officer Keeler who was in my apartment a few weeks earlier.  Then two days later I was arrested, then my other son was taken by CHP and Hillside Covenant Church Walnut Creek.

Then the email arrives about my accounts being breached.  When attempting to remedy events of what should considered a domestic terrorism event of stolen records.

On or about July 24, 2014, Pete Bennett with documents (proof) in hand went to 55 Beal Street, San Francisco CA, after visiting offices of Senator Feinstein. 

The answer was to trespass me from PG&E and the McKesson Building. 

My story is about stolen data, fraud, extortion and racketeering mixed with various recipes of collusion between Public Officials, Bankers, Law Enforcement and the shadow folks who by now realize I uncovered their network of Attorneys, Fire Officials, Investigators and Co-Conspirators